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I Can't Make You Love Me // Mini Cover


I can't make you love me - bonnie raitt

Sometimes, I like to make music. 

If you know me, you know that my entire life has been a war between art and music. My heart loves both, my soul craves both, and I love creating both. I'm always having to choose between the who, and I hope one day I won't have to.

This song has been dear to my heart for years now. Even though I am not currently experiencing this grief, I know it very well being the hopeless romantic I used to be.

I'm playing this song on my beloved upright piano, whom I will be leaving behind as I move to Southern California in two days. I'll miss her, even if I didn't play her enough over the last year. I couldn't bear selling her, so she will be kept here with my sister.

I'm planning on making more covers this year. And yes, FULL covers. I'll be posting them here for sure, and maybe my other platforms. I'm truly getting tired of posting everything everywhere, so maybe, I'll keep this between us.

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