Jessica Winters




(Totally not a dating profile.)

Name: Jessica Winters

Age: 21

Location: California

Interests: Graphic Design, Animation & FX, Illustration, Pixar, Disney, Music, Photography, Netflix binging, Reptiles, Coffee.

Favorite Projects: Posters, Album Covers, Books,
Social Media...okay favorites are hard.

As a kid: I wanted to be a oceanographer or a music producer. I still think about exploring the ocean, but I'm not that great of a swimmer.

As an adult-kid: I want to be a graphic designer (done!) and one day work in an animation/movie studio. 

History: I grew up in northern California with my mom and step-dad, always doodling in my sketchbook wherever we went. My dad would always keep my napkin sketches, saying that "they will be worth money some day." I ditched art for a while to pursue music, taking lessons in voice in bass and teaching myself guitar and ukulele. Then I missed art, so I got back into it after I graduated high school.

Experience: I spent 2.5 years working in the design department of my local church (The Father's House) in Vacaville, CA. I learned so much from the creative team, along with the few classes I took at the local community college. 
I now work fully freelance and I am LOVING it. 

Education: I am currently attending the Los Angeles Film School, studying toward a Bachelor's Degree in Animation, with concentration in Visual FX.

With three years of design experience under my belt, I am ready to take on all that lies before me and chase after my own dreams.

3D modeling, animation studios, LA dreaming...
who knows where I'll go next!